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Simple Task Assist Robot for Kids

About FIRST Aid

Creating simple task assist robots for kids

First Aid is a program designed to help kids that struggle with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a severe inherited muscular disorder. This program allows various robotic teams to construct robots to help kids in need. Families of kids with DMD can also sign up to receive a Simple Task Assistance Robot (STAR). First Aid helps pair robotic teams to families based on location. There is a CAD database that helps get robots to people who need them. Additionally, First Aid also allows teams to share robot designs for other teams to build. To register or access the CAD database, create an account.

Our Misson

First Aid brings the robotics community together to provide assistance to children with limited abilities while promoting robotics teams to use their skills to help others.

What is a STAR?

A STAR, or a Simple Task Assist Robot, is a fun way to facilitate the lives of kids with limited abilities. These robots are designed to help with simple tasks, such as picking up legos or helping to hold a cup of water.

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